At present, the most widely used drug for herpesvirus infections is Valtrex. The drug belongs to the second generation of antiviral medicines and is active against most species of the herpesvirus family.

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The main indications for Valtrex prescription in adults are:


  • fever blister (also known as cold sores);
  • herpes zoster;
  • genital herpes.


Patients with recurrent herpes and immunocompromised patientswith cytomegalovirus also can be prescribed Valtrex for theirprophylaxis. After organ transplantations, this drug helps lower the risk of the transplant rejection by several times and prevents infections, as well.


A good safety profile and ease of use allow Valtrex to be used in children and adolescents, who are infected with varicella-zoster virus or herpes simplex virus.


Children are prescribedthe antiviral drug Valtrex for the treatment of:


  • chickenpox in patients aged 24 months and more;
  • labial form of herpes in patients aged 12 years and older.


Valtrex helps to significantly alleviate the pain syndrome, which often accompanies herpesvirus diseases, and to quickly eliminate severe itchingsensations, as well as tingling and burning.


Regardless of the severity and localization of a herpes infection, Valtrex treatment will help to effectively:


  • relieve the infectionsymptoms;
  • reduce the diseaseduration;
  • accelerate the healing process of skin lesions;


Compared to other antiviral drugs for herpes, Valtrex acts milder and has a lower toxicity. The results of numerous randomized clinical studies on Valtrex that involved more than 1,800 peoplehave proven its safety and efficacy.


Valtrex is sold in almost every pharmacy. But the best-price offers for this antiviral drug are available from the online pharmacies. You do not need a prescription to buy Valtrex online. Therefore, patients, who suffer from with frequent herpes recurrences, can order this drug online without having to consulta doctor first.


The manufacturer of the antiviral drug Valtrex is GlaxoSmithKline. This company produces blue caplets Valtrex 500mg and Valtrex 1g.